#OxCoPALs Fall Coasters - #1

Hannah Harding

  Hi Everyone! Who doesn't love a coaster!? I find that even though my children don't use them for anything other than frisbees and the cat loves to bat them around like a toy, they are also very useful for setting a beverage onto. How about you?  As Autumn approaches, our minds are settling on cozy things like hot cocoa and cider. We wanted to make a fall project that was functional and great for gifting in the months to come... well, those warm mugs of cocoa and cider need somewhere to rest! Cotey designed these lovely and elegant coaster...

#OxCoPALs New Project Alert!

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone! We are back and with a new project: Fall Coasters!  We decided to do some usable art this time around. Cotey designed some beautiful coaster pattern options and we worked to create some lovely yarn packs just perfect for these designs. There are 5 collections of yarn packs to choose from: The Coastal Pack, The Stained Glass Pack, The Heathered Jewel Pack, The Brights Pack, and the Neutrals Pack. While we are each punching different designs with specific packs, these packs are interchangeable and work well with any of the coaster patterns. There is enough yarn in each...

#OxCoPALs Summer Triptych Final Wrap Up!

Hannah Harding

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Hi Everyone!  I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU! Everyone has been so kind with their emails and DM's about this project. I know many of you were saying that the summer months are super busy and we totally get it! They are! So the fact that so many of you reached out to send us such kind words of encouragement and thanks meant the world to myself, Cotey, Heidi, Christy, and Sid.  We didn't get a huge amount of pictures submitted, which is fine, like I said, we get that the summer is a hectic time,...

#OxCoPALs Summer Triptych #9 - Wrap Up

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone!   Whew! Our Summer Triptychs are complete! ... Or mostly, I'm still waiting on Sid but that's ok! He has made progress!  This #OxCoPALs project was a fun and challenging process for us all. Whether it be simple mistakes like wrong needle size used and needing to adjust our pattern for easier punching or a more complicated one like changing out colors, we each learned a lot! I don't know about you, but we always go into these projects knowing there are going to be hurdles to leap over, but in the end it will all be worth...

Summer Triptych #8 - Christy's Bunny

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone! Now it is time for Christy's adorable little friend, Christopher. Christy designed this triptych herself using Arts and Craft era woodblock art as her style influence. The inspiration for the subject matter is her Summertime ritual. As soon as the greenhouses are open in Vermont, specifically Golden Russet Farm, Christy and her husband Dave, QC here at The Oxford Company, go and pick up a geranium plant for beside their front door and a tomato plant to go in their garden. Christy even admitted that sometimes it is the only plant that they put in the garden. Their backyard...