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#OxCoPAL's Winter Pillow Project #5

Hi Everyone!

How did it go making your pillows? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be? Did you even make your project into a pillow? If not, that's ok! Heidi kept her's as simple mats that are still gorgeous! 

I bet you're now wondering what you are going to do with all that extra yarn you have? 

This is where that bonus Mug Rug pattern comes in handy! You will have noticed that each of the pillow patterns also came with a bonus pattern. This is to use up all of that extra yarn you may have, if you want! Even if you went full sculpting like I did, you will have enough yarn left over to make 4 mug rugs! How fun!

I am not going to get too in-depth on punching these mug rugs as they are super similar to our other punching projects (coasters and welcome mats). As always you want to make sure you're punching your smallest element first. Working your way to the larger pieces and background last. 

You can take the bonus pattern and tape it to your window, there is a quick tutorial on this on Amy's instagram. Tape your monk's cloth over top. A quick tip before you begin tracing your pattern: If you are planning on punching more than one mug rug, here is a good way to find the center and then space out the mug rugs evenly. Cotey folds her monk's cloth in half and then half again. At the folded corner she makes a mark with her sharpie. This is her center. From there you can draw out lines that will be your center lines. You can also measure out one inch from the center in all four directions and make a single corner. This is the corner you want to place your pattern, tracing it from there. This way each mug rug is spaced nicely on your monk's so when you go to cut them apart, they will each have one inch of space around them, perfect for whipping or hemming your edges. 

I will have our final wrap up next week! Make sure your submitting photos and remember everyone who submits by Wednesday, March 8th, 2023 is entered in to win a free #10 regular Bamboo Oxford Punch Needle and everyone who sends in a picture will receive a free drawstring tool bag to hold punching accessories while you're on the go! To submit send in photos of your in-progress or finished projects by email or social media (DM or tag us). Winner of the bamboo punch needle will be randomly selected!


See you next week!



To get the Mug Rug Patterns:

Downloadable Mug Rug Pattern Pack - CLICK HERE

Tile Mug Rug Pattern - CLICK HERE

Bubble Mug Rug Pattern - CLICK HERE

Huckleberry Mug Rug Pattern - CLICK HERE

Yarn Packs - CLICK HERE 

Oxford Company Kits - CLICK HERE

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