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#OxCoPALs Update!

Hi Everyone!


I know that today is the day I have a nice long blog post with tips, tricks, and progress information, but as many of you know, life gets in the way sometimes! Life has been nuts here at The Oxford Company, and in a good way! We have been super busy getting orders out, yarn dyed, computers updated, yarn packs and kits made up, etc. This means that the blog post for finishing tips and tricks for these fall coasters isn't quite done yet. I could rush and send something out, it just doesn't seem fair to you all! I don't want to send something out that isn't exactly how I want it and this post would be missing a couple of key videos that we need to show you the finishing techniques that we used! 

As a visual learner, I do better with videos to watch on how to do a technique that I'm not familiar with. I can read instructions all day long, but without the visual I have a much harder time. The videos that we created to show you hemming and finishing with the felt just haven't been completely finished and therefor I can't add them to the blog and Klaviyo. I have been able to put the quick versions up on instagram, so if you're itching to finish you can check out the hemming and whip stitching reels that I added this week. The felting one will be going up early next week and they will all be added to our youtube channel next week as well! Once that is all done, I will send out the klaviyo and the post to the blog! 

Thank you all so much for your patience. I will also be pushing back the deadline for the finished pictures for the final wrap up. They don't need to be in next Friday, but please have them submitted by November 11th, to be included! You can email them to, tag us on social media, or use #OxCoPALs.


I hope you all have a fabulous weekend! I will be spending it on a ghostly cemetery tour and at the hockey rink! 


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