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#OxCoPALs New Project Alert!

Hi Everyone!

We are back and with a new project: Fall Coasters! 

We decided to do some usable art this time around. Cotey designed some beautiful coaster pattern options and we worked to create some lovely yarn packs just perfect for these designs. There are 5 collections of yarn packs to choose from: The Coastal Pack, The Stained Glass Pack, The Heathered Jewel Pack, The Brights Pack, and the Neutrals Pack. While we are each punching different designs with specific packs, these packs are interchangeable and work well with any of the coaster patterns. There is enough yarn in each pack to easily make a set of 4 coasters using a #13 or #14 fine Oxford Punch Needle.

You can order the patterns as always traced on monk's cloth or linen, frontwards or backwards, for $25. You can also get the downloadable pattern for $1. This a limited time discount, when the Fall Coaster Project is finished the price will go up to $3

I hope you like these patterns and this project! I will be following a format similar to the Welcome Mat project, so stay tuned! 

The next #OxCoPALs blog post will be about frame sizes, stretching the monk's cloth on your frame, and the needle sizes that we used and designed the yarn packs around! 

One last thing, now that we are starting a new #OxCoPALs project, the digital downloads for the Summer Triptychs will be $3.   



#OxCoPALs Fall Coaster Project Patterns, to order click the image below:



To order the digital download, Click Here!



To order the digital download, Click Here!



To order the digital download, Click Here!



To order the digital download, Click Here! 

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