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#OxCoPALs Summer Triptych Final Wrap Up!

Hi Everyone! 

I want to start off with a huge THANK YOU! Everyone has been so kind with their emails and DM's about this project. I know many of you were saying that the summer months are super busy and we totally get it! They are! So the fact that so many of you reached out to send us such kind words of encouragement and thanks meant the world to myself, Cotey, Heidi, Christy, and Sid. 

We didn't get a huge amount of pictures submitted, which is fine, like I said, we get that the summer is a hectic time, especially this summer as people return to traveling, camping, vacations, and other fun activities! It is so great to be getting as back to normal as we possibly can be. 

We had 4 amazing submissions and I'm excited that I can share all submitted photos because 3 of you sent in multiple photos. The first person I am going to showcase is actually one of our seamstresses, the OG if you will, Pat Santner, who designed her own triptych around one of her passions; quilting.


Here is a picture of her work in progress:

I love the colors that she has chosen so far and the set up of her tryptic. The borders are crisp and clean. She broke up the frames of the triptych into multiple panels giving it a fun and fresh look!

 Next is Patty Brake who showcased her lovely pattern on Instagram. 

 I really love the story that her triptych is telling of the seashore: an iconic summer time image of the lighthouse, the waves crashing onto the beach, and the dingy pulled up for beach adventures. 




The colors of her triptych are bright, fresh, and invigorating. The lines of her triptychs are whimsical and fun. I love the perceived simplicity of these: 

Sioban McLaughlin also did a really lovely summer beach theme for her triptych. I know for me it brought back a ton of memories of summers spent on the beaches of Maine hunting for shells and playing in the wet gloopy sand down by the waves. Her colors are also super fun and playful. I love the background color, it brightens with the vibrant blue and pinks. 
Lastly we have Kathy Whyte who took one of our predesigned triptychs and turned on it's head! I love how she adapted this into a useful item! 
As we all know I love me a bright color, so that pink really speaks to me. I love how she turned my pattern into a handy tool bag. The mustard color of the background really makes those pink buds pop. 
The back of the pouch is also super fun! I like that she carried over the colors for the back and the whimsy of the squiggles. The toolbag set up is also fantastic and allows easy accessibility to punches, stitch gauge, scissors, and handbook to make her punching process super easy!
Thank you so much for everyone that submitted their pictures! It was such a joy to see these and all the hard work that has been put in or is being put into these projects. Part of the fun of the #OxCoPALs is seeing what you all create and how you adapt what we are putting out there to your own tastes and needs. 
If you are still working on PALs projects or even when you start one, please tag us in pictures or send them in to us! We really enjoy seeing them. 
Until the next PALs project, which is starting at the end of September, so stay tuned!
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  • Hannah

    Hi Marj!

    Please join the email list if you haven’t already! This will make sure that you get the news of classes and workshops as soon as they are announced!

  • Marj

    Thank you for your generous tutorials Amy!
    I would like to be notified of any classes and gatherings I may attend virtually and or in person. I am south of Boston.
    I request please to be added to your list.
    Also I love the #10 punch I recently purchased. Feels like a very high quality tool. So glad I decided not to scrimp on tools!

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