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#OxCoPALs Winter Pillow Project #6 - Final Wrap Up!


HI Everyone!


It's the time to now wrap up our Winter Pillow and Mug Rug project! This was a really fun project to take part in and I feel that I at least, learned a lot! The fun thing about this project was the possibilities in punching. There were so many different ways you could approach this, all different needle combinations, color combinations, there really was no wrong way! 

We each infused these pillows with our own personalities, letting the colors play in the patterns to create fresh and fun accessories. Allowing the creative patterns that Cotey designed shine was also very important to us. 

For me I found it fun to challenge myself. In punching my mug rugs, I really wanted to stick to the yarn I had leftover from punching my pillow. This limited what I had available, but it was fun to play with the colors in this way. I know that Heidi and Cotey each had more leftover after punching their pillows, so they had freedom to use their colors where ever and however they chose in their coasters. Heidi even had enough left over that she could have punched another set of the mug rugs. 

Now I want to take a moment to feature 4 great submissions sent in by participants! 

The first was punched by Claudia, She used her own stash to punch the Huckleberry Pillow pattern. She used colors perfect for spring. The color palette is bright, fresh, and has a nice touch of whimsy to it. She also challenged herself in using different loop heights in her project. 

Next we have Jodi's Huckleberry Pillow pattern. She too pulled from her own stash colors to create her pillow project. The soft blue-grey background colors really sets of the greens that she used in the foliage. She too challenged herself by using the fine point needle and she did a beautiful job!

Kathy punched her Huckleberry Pillow using our Lavender Fields color palette. She also enlarged her pattern to create a really lovely chairpad. Kathy sculpted her project with multiple sizes of fine point Oxford Punch Needles

Lastly we have Joy who punched our Tile Pillow project with our Winter Barn color palette. Joy also punched the corresponding Mug Rug pattern. Joy did a beautiful job punching this project, her coaster looks fantastic, and I can't wait to see the pillow pattern when she has it all finished!

Thank you so much for all of you who submitted your pictures! It was such fun to see how you each punched them and made these patterns your own! Please, if you haven't sent in pictures, do so! We love seeing the projects that you all create!

Finally, the winner of the #10 regular Limited Edition Bamboo Punch Needle is ... drum roll... Claudia! 


Thank you again for taking part in this project! We will be announcing our next one shortly! We will also have a poll going out to see what YOU are interested in seeing in future #OxCoPALs projects! I can't wait to hear what you have to say!

Until then, in the words of Amy "Happy Punching!"


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