Finishing Our Welcome Mats

Hannah Harding

  Hello Everyone!  Welcome to finishing week! Are you ready to finish your welcome mat(s)? We sure are! Whether you decide to whip stitch or hem your project you always want to remember you're going to start the process the same. You should have already taken your project off of the frame and you will notice that it doesn't lay flat when you put it down. That's fine, don't you fret! Here's what we are going to do!    1.You're going to get an iron and turn it on, DO NOT ADD WATER and turn the setting to the cotton setting...

Filling in Your Mat! We're Almost Done!

Hannah Harding

Today is the day we finish our punching! We are all filling in our backgrounds, so remember 4 s.p.i.! As you recall from Friday, we each got our lettering, scrolling, and borders completed. The fast punchers even got some extra completed. Those taking it a bit slower are just starting to fill in the gaps.  If you're using a fine needle, like Heidi, you will want to make sure you are going in every hole and skipping a row in between. Heidi sounds like she is just super quick as she punches along, while those of us who aren't her or Cotey,...

Starting Our Welcome Mats

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone, welcome Back!   We are ready to roll! We have our patterns traced, our frames set up, our punches at hand and our yarn balled up into yarn cakes! The excitement is palpable! Are you ready to work those hand muscles and get your fabric stretched!  This is one of those tasks that Heidi makes effortless. If you've ever been to the school and seen her in action, you will agree with me. She can have the monk's stretched and ready to go faster than a race car driver can change tires. She is also wonderful at checking...

Color Planning Our Welcome Mats

Hannah Harding

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Welcome to color planning!   AMY TIP:  I always like to use a light, bright, dark, and a dull color in a rug.  It's always fun to start a new pattern. The anticipation of the project and the excitement to see how it will look when it's completed. Every step of the journey is special in its own right, even if some of them seem more daunting than others. One of my favorite parts of beginning something new is color planning. That's when the imagination really gets a chance to fly. When you add in 5 of us, each with different...

Punch Along

Hannah Harding

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    We spend a lot of time here at The Oxford Company thinking about punches, yarn, supplies, and patterns. We also spend a lot of time looking at all of these things and thinking "my next pattern!" or "I love those colors together. Quick, I need a project!" We also love to see what the punching community is creating. The creativity that everyone has is really inspiring. As many of you know, we haven't had classes here in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. We have really been missing having students and creatives in the school....