Summer Triptych #3 - Let's Talk Yarn!

Hannah Harding

  Hi Everybody!   This week we are going to talk about yarn. There are so many different types of yarn and they each have their own personality when you use them, whether it be for knitting, crocheting, or in this case, punching. There is a vast variety of yarn and they each have things that make them special or fun. Punching can be extremely frustrating if you don’t have the right materials, or if the materials you’re using aren’t working how you want them to. So, it’s a good rule of thumb to learn your yarn before working on...

Summer Triptych #2 - Let's talk punch needles!

Hannah Harding

Hello Everyone! Let's take a moment to talk a little more in-depth about punch needles. I know this can be overwhelming for those starting out, there are a lot of options! These are some very helpful tips to follow when trying to choose which Oxford Punch Needle is right for your project: What kind of yarns do you want to use in your project? What height loops do you want? Our punch needles come in 8 different sizes, there are 3 regular sized punch needles (#8, #9, and #10) and 5 fine sized punch needles (#8, #9, #10, #13, and #14). ...

Summer Triptych # 1 - Pattern Designing

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone! Pattern designing can be a really fun process. If you are new to it, here are some helpful tips to get you started: get inspiration from others go with what you know don't get overly complicated, keep it simple. We all went with things we enjoy about summer: For Heidi this meant the beach and relaxing by the water. Bringing to mind the days spent on the beach with her mom and loved ones, cruises and vacations with her husband. Heidi chose to incorporate tropical beaches showing palm trees, soft sand, and that beautiful cerulean water. She also...

New Project Alert!!

Hannah Harding

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Hi Everyone!  I hope you all are having really lovely summers! We have been super busy here at the school getting the next #OxCoPALs project ready for everyone! We are so excited to announce that our Summer 2022 project will be... Summer Triptych!  We hashed out many ideas here trying to think of the perfect project, from coasters, to looonnnggg coasters, to signs, to chairpads, anything small that would be perfect to sit outside and punch. We finally rested on a Summer Triptych. We will be providing you with some different patterns you can choose from, or we encourage you...

Welcome Mats!

Hannah Harding

Hi Everyone! I wanted to take a quick moment to show off all of the wonderful Welcome Mats that have been submitted and/or posted using the hashtag #OxCoPALS. It is so great to see how everyone interpreted this pattern and really made it their own. All of you did amazing jobs! So, without further ado, here are the finished Welcome Mats created by you all! I know that not everyone had time to get theirs finished, but you can always send us the finished pictures so we can see them when you have completed them. You can also continue using #OxCoPALs...