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Covid Precautions: Proof of vaccination is required. Masking is optional. 

Private punch needle rug hooking lessons are available with Oxford Certified Instructors Heidi Whipple and Cotey Gallagher by appointment for all skill levels. Heidi and Cotey bring a wealth of experience and create a relaxed, fun, and encouraging atmosphere that nurtures creativity and allows you to learn at your own pace. Make the project of your choice and learn the skills and techniques that interest you! We have LOTS of patterns to choose from and a gorgeous palette of Seal Harbor, Halcyon, and Violet Jane Rug Yarn that will bring your rugs to life!

Private retreats are available with Heidi, Cotey, and Amy Oxford.

Private Lessons and Retreats - What’s the difference?
Private Lessons are shorter: 4-6 hours for 1 or 2 students
Private Retreats are longer: 1-5 days for 8 students

Private Lessons

Four-hour minimum lesson required for beginners. Beginners will work on an 8” - 14” chair pad or wall hanging and by doing this will learn all the skills necessary to make larger rugs and other punched pieces. Intermediate students are welcome to come hone their basic skills, get help completing a project, or learn specific techniques such as punching with fabric strips or knitting yarns, shading, sculpting, rug designing, and more.
Level: Beginner - Advanced
Cost: $45 per hour or $40 per hour per person if there are two of you. 

Private Retreats

We are delighted to offer private retreats for groups of 4 students so if you’d like to arrange a retreat for you and your friends, family, or coworkers, please contact us! Private retreats are available for 1-3 days. If you’ve always wanted to take a class or retreat at The Oxford Rug Hooking School, now you can arrange one just for you - at the right time for you, on the subject you like, with the people you choose!

Private retreats are excellent for punching newbies and for the more experienced punchers. Custom-build your curriculum to your skill level and interest. Create the project of your choice with lots of personal attention. Private classes include a morning and afternoon snack with tea, coffee, and cold beverages. Lunches with soups, salads, and sandwiches can be ordered each morning from local restaurants and sandwich shops.
Level: Beginner - Advanced
Cost per person: 
1 day: $135
2 days: $225 
3 days: $310 
4 days: $375
5 days: $435

Some possible beginner projects include the Star with Garland, Ginkgo, Pear, and Patchwork Heart. We have lots of other chair pad and wall hanging patterns too, including easy to trace templates to make stars, flowers, animals, and geometric shapes.

 Star and Garland

Star and Garland

Dark Ginkgo


New Private Lesson - Design Your Own Rug with Cotey!

Cotey Gallagher has helped lots of students at the Oxford Rug Hooking School to create the rug or other punched project of their dreams. Do you have an idea for a rug you’d like to make but aren’t quite sure how to start? Provide photos, sketches, or ideas for your project and Cotey will draw a design just for you. She can also help you transfer the pattern onto rug backing and choose yarn colors. As a professional illustrator and experienced rug designer, Cotey knows not only how to design, but also how to make a design that is punchable for your skill level. She will help you design a rug that is unique and beautiful, and also doable!
Level: Beginner - Advanced
Cost: $45 per hour with a one-hour minimum. The amount of time needed will depend on the degree of difficulty of your design. Cotey will talk to you ahead of time to start the design process.

 Private Dye Lessons with Heidi 

Learn to dye gorgeous multi-colored Violet Jane variegated yarns, solid colored yarns, or how to dye 6-8 values of the same color for shading (called value dyeing). Three-hour minimum lesson required. Master dyer Heidi Whipple loves to dye and will be happy to share her know-how. A rug is even more special when you’ve dyed the yarn yourself!
Level: All
Cost: $45 per hour or $40 per hour per person if there are two of you. 
Dye lessons can also be included in a retreat.


Heidi with value dyed yarn for shading leaves. It's fun to dye with a project in mind!


The peaceful landscape at the Oxford Rug Hooking School in Cornwall, Vermont provides the perfect backdrop for your own private retreat!