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Shop Violet Jane Yarn!

  • Hand Dyed one skein at a time in our Vermont dye kitchen by Christy Lombardo and Heidi Whipple exclusively for The Oxford Company
  • Uniquely Variegated
  • 100% Wool 3-ply rug yarn
  • $19.00 per 4-ounce skein (approximately 65 yards)
  • Available in 155 gorgeous colors (64 new colors added in 2021!)

Ordering Information

Please note that due to the nature of hand-dyeing, each skein may have a slight variation in color. We don’t have “dye lots” because each skein is dyed individually. (As opposed to most yarns that are dyed together in one big pot.) Need multiple skeins for one rug and want them to be as close as possible? Make sure to let us know and we will dye them at the same time so we can match them for you. Any orders over 2 skeins of a single color, please call (802) 462-2011 or email to place your order.

A Word About Online Yarn Orders

We know that computer monitors and device screens vary, so colors may appear slightly different than in person. For best accuracy, we recommend ordering a Violet Jane color card.  Our color cards feature strands of yarn in all of our 155 colors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is variegated yarn?
Unlike solid colored yarns, variegated yarns are dyed with more than one color.

Why Use Violet Jane?
Including Violet Jane in your work can add interest and shading to your rugs, giving them richness, depth, and texture without any extra work on your part! 

What makes Violet Jane special?
With most variegated yarns, the dyes are applied over large areas, resulting in changes in color and variation that are quite far apart. This method creates a striped effect when punched. With our Violet Jane, the dye colors are applied in smaller segments so the color changes are closer together, often allowing each punched loop to be a different color or shade. The result is a gorgeous dappled look!

What effects can I get with Violet Jane?
Some skeins are multi-colored and include a variety of contrasting colors for a dramatic effect. Others feature a single color in a range of light and dark for subtler results.

Fiesta Day and Blue Christmas (above) are examples of multi-colored Violet Jane. Barn and Lobelia (below) are examples of single-colored Violet Jane.

Can I use all variegated yarns in one rug?
The answer is definitely yes! We have designed our Violet Jane palette in a way that allows all the colors to play well together! To help define and highlight different areas, try combining multi-colored and single-colored Violet Jane. You can also combine Violet Jane with solid-colored rug yarns.

What punch needle sizes work best with Violet Jane Rug Yarn?
All of our “regular” Oxford Punch Needles work like a charm with Violet Jane! The #8 regular makes our thickest pile to create a rug that is ½” thick, the #9 regular makes a 3/8” thick rug, and the #10 regular makes a ¼” thick rug. Our favorite needle size for rugs that will go on the floor is the #9 regular. We love the look of the lush pile and the thickness makes a durable rug. Chair pads made with the #9 regular are extra comfortable and will hold up well. For wall hangings, pillows, table mats, and other items that won’t get as much wear, we recommend the #10 regular. Sometimes you might want a really cushy pile for a rug or an extra-cushioned chair pad and the #8 regular will give you that. Keep in mind that shorter loop heights will use less yarn, making your project more economical.

How much yarn will I need?
One ounce of Violet Jane punched with our #9 regular Oxford Punch Needle (3/8” tall loops) will cover approximately one 4” x 4” square (16 square inches). You can allow a bit more yarn for the #8 regular (1/2” loops) and a bit less for the #10 regular (1/4” loops).


Each skein of Violet Jane is dyed one at a time in a lasagna pan! We apply multiple colors of dye using our own unique formulas and recipes. Each skein is then baked in the oven for 90 minutes and carefully rinsed.

How do I care for my rugs made with Violet Jane?
Hand wash in cool water and a mild soap (not hot or very cold).

What is meant by the term “rug yarn?”
Rug yarn is spun from breeds of sheep with coarse, strong fleeces, making it durable enough to be used for rugs in high traffic areas. Violet Jane rug yarn still feels soft underfoot but will last longer that a yarn used for knitting or crochet. Yes, your rugs made with Violet Jane can really go on the floor and can even be used as doormats! Violet Jane works beautifully for all your punched projects: pillows, wall hangings, chair pads, table mats, and more!

Where did Violet Jane get its name?
Violet Jane was started in 2004 by Sara Jane Burghoff. Amy Oxford loved using Sara’s gorgeous variegated yarns and when Sara was ready to retire in 2014, Amy purchased the company. Sara’s grandmother, Eliza Jane Burghoff, taught Sara to rug hook when Sara was six years old. Sara says, “She and I shared a love for spring violets - she had a little rock garden filled with ONLY violets, both purple and white, and I loved picking the long-stemmed flowers in the spring and putting them in her little shoe vases that she kept just for the violets. So, that memory inspired me to use the name Violet Jane.”