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Heli Savila

Lemons And Yarn

Helsinki, Finland

Heli Savila is a punch needle artist based in Helsinki, originally from Estonia. Creator and maker behind Lemons And Yarn. Heli’s punch needle artwork has traveled all over the world from Europe to Asia and North America. As by the end of 2023 Heli is a Certified Oxford Instructor, being one of the few in Europe and first in Finland with this certification. Heli is a member of The Finnish Association of Textile Artists (TEXO). Heli has been hosting workshops and classes since 2019. Her teaching languages are English and Estonian. Heli likes to create improvisational abstract paintings with yarn. She is rather impatient and creating that way is like going on an adventure – not knowing what comes out and relying on the materials to guide her. It all comes down to materials. How they make her feel and how they interact with each other. From that she chooses the composition. Heli is curious about transferring emotions with different materials. Questioning the terms like "beauty" and "mistake." She likes to use materials that at first bring out negative emotions and work with them, using them in a way that in the end there is nothing negative left. Also mistakes are the cornerstone of her work. Making them, using them, working around and with them. Making something good out of something that otherwise would be a mistake.

Offerings at a Glance
✅ Teaches Adults
✅ Teaches Children
✅ Travels to Teach
☐ Hosts Workshops in Home Studio
☐ Hosts Workshops in Their Shop
☐ Leads Regular Punching Group
✅ Offers Private Lessons
✅ Offers Group Classes
✅ Sells Supplies
☐ Advanced Certified Instructor

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