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Tuesday-Friday, September 19-22, 2023
Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 9am-5pm 
Evening class hours: Tuesday-Thursday: 6pm-8pm. (No evening hours on Friday)
Level: Must be Oxford Certified 
Tuition: $1400. Includes a welcome dinner and a daily morning and afternoon snack.

Due to high demand, students will be accepted by application only. To request an application please email Amy and put "Advanced Teacher Certification Application" in the subject line.

This program is designed to train Oxford Certified Instructors to go to the next level and start training others to be Oxford Certified Instructors. If you love to teach and would like to help others to be teachers, we hope you will consider Advanced Certification. Like your initial teacher certification course, this is a demanding intensive workshop that requires dedication and hard work. 

Advanced Oxford Instructors will be taught to offer the same 7-day certification program taught by Amy at The Oxford Rug Hooking School. Similarly, they can also charge $1400 for teaching the same course. There are strict guidelines to be adhered to for final certification.


  1. Applicant must have completed the Oxford Punch Needle Teacher Certification Program and received their certificate. Proof of certificate is required.
  2. Applicant who took their TT class online must have taken the class from an ATT who has been certified in the Oxford Online Training Program.
  3. Applicant must have graduated from 2002 - present.
  4. Applicant must have taught for at least two years since their certification.
  5. Applicant must have taught a minimum of 150 students in a mixture of beginning and intermediate workshops. This list may include students from retreats and private lessons both live online and in person.
  6. Documentation is required for the 150 students with a list of workshops taught including:
    1. Workshop titles
    2. Workshop dates
    3. Workshop locations
    4. Number of students in each workshop. (This could be documented with class photos.)
  7. Applicant must provide 5 references from their students.
  8. Applicant must provide 10 student evaluation forms (available from the Oxford Company or similar form).
  9. Applicant must provide a letter of recommendation from their Oxford Certification Instructor.
  10. Applicant must be a member of The Oxford Punch Needle Instructors Guild (OPNIG).

Pre-class homework: You will be required to read the new, more detailed 2023 Teacher Certification Manual.

After-class homework: You will be required to make seven separate samples to illustrate different techniques. These are the same techniques you used in your in-class certification sampler so they will be familiar to you. An individual sampler must be made for each of the following techniques.

  1. Shading with six to eight values
  2. Using #3 cut and #7 cut strips of fabric in The Oxford Punch Needle
  3. Using different sizes of Oxford Punch Needles to create different loop heights
  4. Sculpting with the Craftsman’s Punch Needle
  5. Sculpting with Oxford Punch Needles 
  6. Using novelty yarns
  7. Using multiple strands of yarn in The Oxford Punch Needle

Each sample must be at least 12” x 12”. Larger sized samples are encouraged but not required. Previously made pieces may not be submitted as homework.

Homework deadline: Students will have 12 months to complete the homework which is due October 1, 2024.

To Apply: Participants will be chosen on their merits including their skills as a rug puncher, past teaching experience, attitude, and sincere desire to teach others. Participants who want to start teaching other teachers in the near future will be selected over those who are unable to make a commitment to do so at this time.

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