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Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frames

$ 69.00

Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frames are Fabulous for Punching!

For punch needle rug hooking your rug backing needs to be stretched REALLY tight on a frame - as tight as a drum. You should be able to bounce a quarter on it! 

You’ll love how quick and simple it is to stretch your rug patterns onto these frames. Getting your backing tight will be easy as pie! Experienced punchers know that when your backing is tight your punch will glide through it with ease – making the craft more relaxing with the added benefit of reducing hand and wrist strain. Taut backing will also make your loops more even! Our high quality pine frames are sturdy without being heavy. These are the most popular frames at The Oxford Rug Hooking School.

Made in Cornwall, Vermont by Oxford Company manager Heidi Whipple’s husband Steve Whipple. Thanks, Steve!

Which Size Should I Get?

  • 10" x 10" (Interior Dimensions) "Baby Ox" Perfect for small projects like coasters, ornaments, little mats, and wall hangings. Frame does not disassemble for traveling or storage but it’s so compact it fits just about anywhere! 
  • 14" x 14" (Interior dimensions.) Super for all kinds of projects – coasters, ornaments, small bags, wall hangings, trivets – you name it! Frame does not disassemble for traveling or storage but will fit easily in most suitcases. 
  • 18" x 18" (Interior dimensions.) This is our most popular size. It works well for all chair pads and many other projects as well. Many punchers also use this frame to make larger rugs. Frame does not disassemble for traveling or storage.
  • 20" x 30" (Interior dimensions.) Amy Oxford asked herself the question"How small can a punched piece be and still look like a rug?" After experimenting with different sizes she felt that a 19" x 29" mat made a respectable small rug. "It might look too small in the middle of a room but looks great in front of a chair or as a bedside rug for example." Thus the 20" x 30" frame was born. Our customers love it because they can make a nice sized 2' x 3' rug and only have to move it once. (2' x 3' is a very popular rug size and a common size for many commercial patterns.) We find that this frame is comfortable to use if you are 5 foot 6 inches tall or taller. People below this height have mentioned that this frame felt awkward. See our solution below!
  • New! 15" x 26" (Interior dimensions.) We recently had a request from Cotey, our Oxford Company manager, for a custom sized gripper strip lap frame. Cotey told us that our 20” x 30” lap frame felt too unwieldy saying, “I’m short with short arms and I want a frame that feels more comfortable.” The result? A 15” x 26” frame. She loves it and now we all want one!  Frame does disassemble for traveling or storage.
Cotey working on her "Pebbles" rug on the new 15"by26" frame.
Cotey working on her new 15" x 26" frame on her “pebbles” rug. No pattern, she’s designing as she goes and the pebbles are all sculpted on the right side of the rug!

Please note that if you plan on moving your rug on an Oxford Gripper Strip Frame: 

This frame is suitable for use with 3-ply or other heavy-duty wool rug yarn or #6, #7, or #8 cut strips of wool fabric. Moving your rug is not recommended if you’re using fine yarns, fine strips of fabric, or textured fancy, designer, or novelty type yarns. Fine and fancy fibers will snag on the grippers when you try to move your rug. Sturdier fibers such as rug yarn, #6, #7, or #8 cut strips of wool will not snag. They just peel right off the grippers unharmed.

If you're NOT going to move your rug you can go wild and use any fibers you choose!

Here are a few testimonials about our Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frames:  

"Punch needle rug hooking is a wonderful, relaxing pastime and full time activity. For me, I love the gripper frames. I can stretch the monk's cloth tight on it so much faster, easier and fine tune it with the thread grain of the cloth. So much easier on the hands, no pliers needed. Great for us senior citizens." -- Julie Burroughs from Vergennes, Vermont

"Now that I have a gripper frame (in two sizes!) I would not use anything else. It is so much easier to stretch the monk’s cloth and faster too. No more tugging and tugging. The gripper is far easier also if you have any arthritis in your fingers or wrists." -- Jennifer Moeykens from Shoreham, Vermont

"I really like my gripper frames. There is no comparison to the carpet tack frame... I have weak hands and I can tighten my fabric easily with the new gripper frames." --Barbara Rosenthal from Burlington, Vermont

"Take the terror out of shifting. The new gripper strips really help: now shifting is a much less dreaded job." -- Ann Herrick from Bennington, Vermont

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