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Punch Along



We spend a lot of time here at The Oxford Company thinking about punches, yarn, supplies, and patterns. We also spend a lot of time looking at all of these things and thinking "my next pattern!" or "I love those colors together. Quick, I need a project!" We also love to see what the punching community is creating. The creativity that everyone has is really inspiring.

As many of you know, we haven't had classes here in the last couple of years due to the pandemic. We have really been missing having students and creatives in the school. Missing this element of the school has been hard on all of us, and we have all moved more and more to social media to see what everyone is creating, how the medium is evolving, and for inspiration. We have been trying to find ways to bring that connection back. Opening back up to small retreats and private lessons will help, but we are still a ways away from those summer months.

Christy, our master dyer, as many of you know, is also an avid knitter and in her knitting journey she has found some really cool resources that help to fuel her creativity. At one of our weekly meetings she pitched this brilliant idea of punching a project that we work on alongside you all! Thus this idea of a Punch Along was born. The idea is this:

  • We post a project, sometimes it will include a download or you can order it traced from us, sometimes you will have to figure out a project and pattern but we will give you a prompt to work with.  
  • You then punch along with us while we punch the project as well!
  • We will post progress shots and posts on social media, this blog, and send updates via emailed newsletters as we move along through the whole process from color planning, to punching, to finishing the project. We each have our own styles and spins on the single project, and will be using different techniques with each of our projects.
  • You also post progress shots using #OxCoPALs or tag us @amy.oxford, so people who are punching along with us can see each other's progress. You can also ask questions, give advice, tips or tricks, and generally just cheer each other along.
  • I'll be checking social media and will repost progress shots and finished projects. You never know, your work could be featured!

To launch this, Cotey had the amazing idea of a welcome mat. A great way to welcome everyone on this journey with us. The pattern for the welcome mat, as seen at the top, is available as a download below, free for a limited time, reversed and ready for tracing, or you can order the pattern traced on a 24" x 24" piece of monk's cloth or linen for $25.

Check back next week to see our color planning. It's really fun to see everyone's personality pop as they choose their colors and design elements for something so simple as a welcome mat. When we work on our own personal projects it's always cool to see the varied colors we all gravitate to. Cotey uses a lot of jewel tones, Heidi loves her blue blues, and I am not afraid of bright colors. Christy loves to have a dark background on a piece, and Sid really likes the variegated colors.

I honestly cannot wait to see what everyone comes up with! 

So quick! Get your welcome mat pattern and start your own color planning! 

~ Hannah

To join us, CLICK HERE to download the Welcome Mat pattern.

To order your traced Welcome Mat CLICK HERE!



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  • Valerie Bagg

    I can’t wait to get started! And I love the idea of everyone doing the same pattern. Such a great way to see each “Punching Personality”!

  • Sylvia Nobles

    Thanks so much for doing this!

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