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New Project Alert!!

Hi Everyone! 

I hope you all are having really lovely summers! We have been super busy here at the school getting the next #OxCoPALs project ready for everyone! We are so excited to announce that our Summer 2022 project will be... Summer Triptych! 

We hashed out many ideas here trying to think of the perfect project, from coasters, to looonnnggg coasters, to signs, to chairpads, anything small that would be perfect to sit outside and punch. We finally rested on a Summer Triptych. We will be providing you with some different patterns you can choose from, or we encourage you to try and design your own!

We get a lot of questions here about pattern designs and how we come up with ours. Cotey, our resident pattern designer had this to say about the subject: If you are struggling to come up with an idea it's always great to look at coloring books for ideas, or even clipart. The designs lend themselves really well to punching and a lot of clip art is free, or can be adapted really well. 

So, I want you to start thinking of what you might want to make for your Summer Triptych. What things make you think of summer, what brings back happy memories of summers spent as a child, teenager, adult, or parent. I will post below some links to simple patterns that you can use if you are having trouble thinking of ideas. They will be free downloads for a limited time, or $25 if you want us to trace them for you on monk's cloth or linen.

Things we will be touching on this project:

  • Pattern designs and how to make your own
  • Needle sizes emphasis on Oxford Fine needles
  • Fibers for fine needles and how to separate the yarns

Note: If you choose the Beverage pattern, when ordering please let us know in the notes of the order the 3 styles you want and order you want them in. The numbers for each drink is above the pattern. Please remember, we trace patterns backwards unless specified, so take that into account when letting us know the order you want your drinks!

I can't wait to see what you all come up with for designs! This should be a super fun project!

See you next week!


PS: Our Welcome Mat pattern will now be $3 for digital downloads. Thanks! 

Triptych Patterns (click the image below to order the pattern):


For Free Digital Download Click Here


For Free Digital Download Click Here


For Free Digital Download Click Here


For Free Digital Download Click Here


For Free Digital Download Click Here

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1 comment

  • Marie van Berkel

    This sounds amazing!!
    My thinking cap is on!

    Marie from Ottawa Canada! Who learned how to punch from Robin Whitford who learned from Amy Oxford. YAY!! 👏👏👏👏💕🇨🇦

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