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Sue Rock

Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc

Brooklyn, New York

"Little did I know that a simple craft project of punch needle embroidery I did as a child would return with a passion for punch needle rug hooking as an adult!" Sue Rock is the founder and director of Sue Rock Originals Everyone, Inc., an organization which for 15 years has been doing ground breaking work in the domestic violence community! This program includes entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, sustainable fashion, and so much more as safe spaces are created for survivors of domestic violence who leave. The focus is the textile arts as survivors are encouraged to discover their creativity and use it as a source of rebirth into their new life. In the course of this work, Sue discovered the rich tradition of punch needle rug hooking. In 2019, she received her teacher’s certification as an Oxford Punch Needle Instructor. Sue’s focus with punch needle is pattern design, shading, lettering and abstract design with a keen interest in working with teens and young adults! If you would like a compassionate detail oriented teacher, certified by Amy Oxford and interested in supporting your creative path - I am your teacher!

Offerings at a Glance
✅ Teaches Adults
✅ Teaches Children
✅ Travels to Teach
☐ Hosts Workshops in Home Studio
☐ Hosts Workshops in Their Shop
☐ Leads Regular Punching Group
✅ Offers Private Lessons
☐ Offers Group Classes
✅ Sells Supplies
☐ Advanced Certified Instructor

Contact Information
📞 718-744-4480