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Flannel Frame Covers

$ 26.00

We've designed these frame covers especially for our Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frames. Made from 2 layers of extra soft cotton flannel, they will protect your hands and arms from the sharp gripper strips as you punch! Both sides of the cover have sturdy elastic, making it easy to pop the cover on and off your frame. The sharpest part of a gripper frame is the corners, so we include 4 corner pads for extra cushioning. Comes in 3 sizes: Small (which fits our 10"x10" gripper frame), Medium (which fits our 14"x14" up to 18"x18" gripper frames), and Large (which fits our 15"x26" up to 20"x30" gripper frames). Machine washable.

Available in three color choices: Natural White, Cream (basket weave), and Sea (blue).

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