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#OxCoPALs Summer New Project Alert!

Hi Everyone!
Summer seems like it may, finally, be in full swing here! I don't want to scare it away but the days have definitely started to get warmer and the sun is out much more than the rain. I know that here in Vermont we need the rain, but as I am a solar powered person, the sun is also much desired! 
We decided to head back to our roots with the Oval Abstract Botanical. Our first ever #OxCoPALs project was the fun Welcome Mat, and this is very reminiscent of that. We took one pattern that Cotey designed and all worked it how we saw it. Let me tell you, we all saw it VERY different! Each week I will highlight one of our lovely punchers here and their Oval Abstract Botanical. I will talk about any hiccups they had, successes, their process, and more. Each of these weeks will have new information because of the varied approaches. I will also share the inspiration behind each one because for this project it is very interesting. 
I know that the thought of punching with wool in the summer seems somewhat... hot, but this project is a great one to get rid of some of that stash, especially those novelty yarns and fibers you might have laying around just waiting for their opportunity to shine. 
You can find the patterns below, click on the image to order the pre-traced version or click below on the link to order the digital download. As we want to push people to work with some of their stash, we are not offering a kit this time around. 
Remember, if you enter in photos of your in-progress or finished #OxCoPALs Summer Stash Buster - Oval Abstract Botanical, you are entered to win a #10 regular Limited Edition Bamboo Oxford Punch Needle. All those who enter will receive a free drawstring tool bag. 
I cannot wait to see what all of you do with this pattern! 
Happy Punching!
#OxCoPALs Summer Stash Buster - Oval Abstract Botanical
Click Here for the #OxCoPals Summer Stash Buster - Oval Abstract Botanical Digital Download

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