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#OxCoPALs Spring Project : New Project!


Hi Everyone!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for the wonderful feedback that you all sent in! We took each and every comment we received under advisement and used them to tailor our new batch of projects. I also want to say that if you ever have a comment or idea that you want to send in, please do! We love the feedback and it really helps us come up with new projects and figure out which techniques people most desire to see in upcoming PALs.

A lot of you said that you wanted more useable pieces. One only has so much wall space and floor space available and one doesn't need whole stacks of trivets! Many also replied saying that they wanted simple kits that would be accessible for beginners to start out with and on the flip side we got asked for more advanced projects! In order to balance your requests, our next PALs project will include both a basic kit, with four color options, as well as a few more advanced patterns. (The advanced patterns WILL NOT be offered as kits.)

With that said, I'm sure you're just dying to know what our spring project is! Without further ado, The Spring Project for 2023 is... drum roll... BOXES!

Yes, you heard that right, boxes. The simpler version of this project is a small catch-all box. It is perfect for the little snippets that are created when you trim yarn ends after punching a project. Or it can be used to hold keys, scissors and punch needles, or other small odds and ends you have laying around. This small box will be offered both as a pattern for $12, and as a kit in four different color ways for $24.

The more advanced version of the project is a larger scale box with a cute design on it. There are four different advanced pattern offerings and they will be available as a $3 digital download for the duration of the PALs project or you can purchase the pattern pre-traced on monk's cloth $25. The advacned box is a great stash buster project as well! Dive into the yarn you have in baskets, bins, tubs, totes, pillows, piles, stacks, and hidden under you bed or couch! 

GIVEAWAY! If you enter a photo of your in-progress or finished #OxCoPALs Spring Box, either the Catch-all or the Advanced Pattern, you could win a #10 regular Limited Edition Bamboo Oxford Punch Needle as the grand prize! Everyone who enters will receive a drawstring tool bag. To enter: submit the photo of your #OxCoPALs Spring Box one of three ways: email to, tag us in your social media posts, or use #OxCoPALs. The winner will be selected at the end of this project! You must enter a photo of this project to be eligible to win. 

Below find the links for the kit and the four advanced patterns. A note on traced patterns: If you order a pre-traced pattern of one of the Advanced Box patterns, the box interior will be traced on the opposite side of the monk's cloth as you will reverse punch this part of the project. If you wish for it to be traced all on one side, please make a note of this when you order. Or you can use a small light table or window to trace it on the other side. 

Just a reminder, since we've finished up with our winter project (The #OxCoPALs Winter Pillow and Mug Rug Project) digital downloads are now $3. We still have some of our pillow kits in stock, but these will be discontinued when the stock is sold out, so make sure you scoop them up!

Until next week, happy punching!


Click Here for Catch-all Box Build Your Own Kit

Catch-all Box Pattern

Click Here for Spring Box Rug Yarn Packs

Click on image below to purchase the pattern:

Herringbone Box

Oceanside Box

Eye of Newt Box

Filigree Box

Click Here for Digital Downloads of Patterns 

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