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#OxCoPALS Fall Project Alert!


Hi Everyone!

It's that time of year! The leaves have already begun to turn (they started sometime in August which is way too soon if you ask me!) which means it's time for cooler days, longer nights, and a crispness to the air. I don't want to say that winter is coming, mostly because it didn't even feel like we had a summer here in Vermont. It was such a rainy mess and I know I should be thankful because other parts of the country had massive heat waves and were begging for the rain we received. However, it was too much for this little state. We had so much flooding, so much destruction, that we are still working hard to recover. Even in Middlebury and Cornwall, areas you wouldn't expect to flood, there was so much rainfall that the ground literally could not absorb anymore and areas were washed out. It was a mess. 

It's a great time of year to throw some monk's on your frame and get a project going. The holiday's are just on the horizon and gift giving season is almost upon us. Our newest #OxCoPALs project is great for this! We are happy to introduce our Gaubles Project. This newest project will be conducted much like past PAL's. The Gaubles, as we like to call them, are great for gift giving, whether you punch them up for someone else or know someone who would love the  kit to create their own.

Now, you're probably wondering what Gaubles are and I don't blame you! It's a term we coined for Garland and Baubles, two things in one, but it's actually 3 in one! As these would also make excellent coasters as well. 

We have 3 different patterns available: Star, Leaf, or Padula. You can order the pattern pre-traced on monk's cloth for $25. You can also buy them as digital downloads for $3 each. The Gaubles are a great stash buster project. The last option is a Kit, each pattern comes with its own curated color palette already designed and picked out for you for $37.

I hope you are ready for this quick and easy project!

See you next week as we talk about materials for this project!

Happy Punching!



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