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#OxCoPALs Fall Gobbles Project #2 - The Color Palettes

Hi Everyone,

This time of year, I am still desperate to hold on to summer. I keep the season clenched in my fingers, not wanting to release the easy warm days, time in the mountains, and with my kids. When Cotey was designing the Gaubles we were in the depths of summer, "basking" in the rain and flooding. I think this may have been the first time I was ready for the fall to descend.

As we were discussing Gaubles patterns, we wanted to make sure that the patterns and colors that would both be inspiring and cheery for the cold winter months, as well as luscious and festive for the summer. We wanted the Gaubles to be universal and fitting for any time of year, not just geared to one season or holiday. 

We began the Gobbles with color planning each pattern. Cotey color planned the Padulas with rich jewel tone colors. They have a much more stylized coloring than authentic. This allows the puncher to play with the colors and have them be utilized in a variety of places. Also, by choosing to do a stylized palette, the Padulas are more of a timeless and season-less decoration, whether you decide to use them as a garland, bauble, or coaster. 

When we were discussing the Leaves, the conversation centered around time of year. Fall evokes the warmer colors of reds, oranges, and yellows, the colors that are abundant here in Vermont as the trees shift in color from the vibrant bright greens, to those luscious autumnal colors. We decided to not trend towards the fall colors, which we all agree would look super cute, we wanted some perky and fun colors to offset the darker colors of the Padula pattern. 

The last color palette that we worked up was for the Stars. Originally we had noodled around with a silver and blue color palette. Something a bit more stylized and whimsical. The fact that we didn't want a gold or yellow in threw a few of us, and so the soft yellow was added in as a glowing accent, the light shining from the stars. That with the fun blue colors and the soft iridescent purple, create a soothing and magical palette that can be used for this project.

These palette's were fun to select. They add a playfullness to each project and keep the Gaubles from being too one season, one holiday, one motif. Of course if you are using your own stash yarn, you can make these into anything you want and you can up the difficulty factor. No need to punch them as we did! Have fun with them!

Next week we will start talking about punching each Gauble! 

Until then, 

Happy punching!




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