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#OxCoPALs Fall Gaubles #5 - Displaying

Hi Everyone,

One of the fun things about the Gaubles Project is the end result. These were designed with the idea that they could be strung up on a line and used as a garland, they make great baubles for decorating around your house, they could be put on armature wire and made into a tabletop decoration, or even, simply, used as coasters around your house! 

The openness of this project really lends itself to amazing looks. See the examples of how we have displayed our Gaubles. It's really fun to find different ways to showcase something you have put so much time and energy into. 


You can use armature wire to create a beautiful hanging display, tree branches, twine, yarn, painted dowels, there are so many different ways to display these beautiful Gaubles. 

How have you decided to use or display your Gaubles? We love to see pictures! Make sure you are tagging us online or email them directly to us at!

Next week will be the final wrap up, so make sure you have all pictures submitted if you want to be featured in it!

Happy punching!


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