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#OxCo PALs Spring Box Project #1 - The Techniques We Will Focus On


Hi Everyone,

The Spring Catch-all Box project will focus on some really great techniques. Whether you are punching the kit or the advanced pattern, you will learn how to construct a 3-D piece that is super cute and usable. As part of this Spring PALs project, we will cover the basics of how we designed this project, including developing prototypes, punching sample boxes and finishing the advanced patterns. We will then move on to the construction phase, where the boxes will be assembled and whip stitched together!

Any of these boxes, large or small, are great stash busters. We punched ours using a #10 regular Oxford Punch Needle. For the larger boxes, we chose palettes of 5 colors of rug yarn and didn't use more than 2 ounces of a given color. The Herringbone pattern used a little less than the 2 ounces of each single color, but with the whipping include you may want to err on the side of caution unless you plan on using a completely different color from what you use to punch the project. For the Lizard, Filigree, and Oceanside patterns, the bottom of the box used most of the 2 ounces that we had for the base background. The sides and objects do not require as much yarn. 

You can also punch the boxes with worsted weight yarns. Should you choose to do this, we suggest using a #10 fine Oxford Punch Needle. This will ensure that the box is strong, sturdy and stand up nice and straight. We chose 2 colors for the small Catch-all box, we did not use more than 2 ounces of each color. I should also mention that if use a fine point Oxford Punch Needle, you will see a bit of the exposed monk's cloth. It still creates a lovely pattern within the box. If you want the bottom to be filled in completely, you can reverse punch the bottom of the box. 

We will also take the time next week to discuss designing these boxes. We created prototypes as we worked on the assembly and construction before moving on to the final design for the larger boxes. 

The small Catch-all boxes are fun and easy to punch up and can be made up in a day fairly easily, even for those who consider themselves beginner punchers. The great thing about these boxes is that you can easily fit 4 on one piece of 24" x 24" monk's cloth and on your 18" x 18" Gripper Strip Frame. They make great little gifts, or if you're always finding yourself stuffing your snipped ends into old tissue boxes, piling them up in the corner of your frame as you snip your project, or in a pile on your couch that kids immediately steal and throw around, this is a great place to put them before you throw them away or repurpose them. (My kids tell me that they can't be thrown away because they want to make a bed for their lego figures...) 

If you still need to get your kit or pattern, hurry up! Next week I'll talk about the design process and creating mock-ups to make sure the project came out looking how it was envisioned. I will also discuss how we came to the pattern designs for each of the advanced boxes and the color planning for them. 

Remember, if you submit photos of your #OxCoPALs Spring Box Project you will be entered to win a #10 regular Limited Edition Bamboo Oxford Punch Needle. Everyone who enters will receive a free drawstring tool bag. Entrees must be of the box project and can be submitted one of three ways: emailed to, tagging @amy.oxford on social media, or using #OxCoPALs on Instragram or Facebook. 

Until then, Happy Punching!



Click Here for Catch-all Box Build Your Own Kit

Catch-all Box Pattern

Click Here for Spring Box Rug Yarn Packs

Click on image below to purchase the pattern:

Herringbone Box

Oceanside Box

Eye of Newt Box

Filigree Box

Click Here for Digital Downloads of Patterns 

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