Monk's Cloth

$ 2.00

The most popular backing for punch needle rug hooking, this 100% cotton monk's cloth is suitable for use with all sizes of Oxford Punch Needles. Also great for traditional rug hooking. Woven with a white line every two inches to help you position your pattern and stretch it evenly on your frame.  Approximately 12 double threads per inch. Two widths are available: 58" - 60" wide and 72" - 74" wide. 

PLEASE NOTE: Orders for over 5 yards will come as separate cuts, not a continuous piece. This excludes the 15 yard bolt cut. Bolt orders are drop shipped and may take additional time in transit.


    • By the Yard - $22/yd, 58" wide
    • By the Yard - $26/yd, 72" wide
    • 15-Yard Bolt, 58" wide - Regularly $330. Buy the whole bolt for $315 and save $15. 
    • Pre-cut and Serged Sizes - These come with serged edges to prevent unraveling. Choose from the following sizes: 15" x 15", 24" x 24", 25" x 36", 30" x 40" or 34" x 46". Please note that all pre-cut sizes are measured pre-serging. Size may vary slightly once serged. 
    • Pre-cut Unfinished Edge Sizes - These cuts have unfinished (not serged) edges and are great for small frames and hoops.

Helpful Tip: Add 5" on each side of your pattern to make sure you have enough extra to hem your rug. So if your rug is 24" x 36" your backing should be 34" x 46". Also, always measure to make sure the final size you choose will fit on your frame!

Custom Sizes: If you need a specific sized piece of monk's cloth or linen for your next rug project we will cut and serge any size you need. Monk’s Cloth: $2.50 per square foot; Linen: $3.00 per square foot. Just let us know the size you want your finished piece to be. To order, contact us at (802) 462-2011 or

A Word From Amy About Monk's Cloth:

Personally, I always use monk's cloth for all my punch needle projects. Although I prepare my designs and color plan my rugs ahead of time, once I start punching I don't always get it "just right" the first time. Sometimes a color doesn't work or I want to alter my design a bit... Many times I just can't tell what something's going to look like until I actually start punching. If you're like me (and most punchers!) you will often be challenged by "the three P's," meaning you will choose to"Punch, un-Punch and re-Punch" until your satisfied with your results! On one boat rug I made I had to fit the 8 lettered name of the boat on it's tiny 2" x 1" stern! I finally got it right on the 7th try and the monk's didn't rip! Needless to say I punched carefully while I did this but what I'm trying to say is... monk's cloth is the most durable, forgiving foundation cloth I've ever tried! Tip: If you're using the Mini #14 or the Mini With Heels #13 Oxford Punch Needle with "slippery" fibers such as cotton and you find that your loops aren't staying in... try washing and drying your monk's cloth to shrink the holes. (Note that this isn't necessary with most yarns.)

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