Oxford Punch Needles

Silver Anniversary Peacock Punch Needle

$ 45.00

To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we have created some extra-special Oxford Punch Needles just for you! We call them “Peacock Punches” because the colors remind us the gorgeous luminescent colors of peacock feathers!  

Each needle is made from laminated layers of blue and green dyed birch wood and comes in one of three limited edition drawstring fabric bags: Multi-color feather drawstring bag, Green feather drawstring bag, or Kaleidoscope drawstring bag. 

We are offering two sizes for our Peacock Singles, the #9 Regular or the #13 Fine. Why these sizes? To honor the history and evolution of the tool! In 1995, when Amy made her first punches, she only made #9 regulars - her favorite at the time. Her current favorite is the #13 fine. The #9 regular is excellent for thicker yarns and the #13 fine is marvelous for thinner yarns. The two sizes also play well together.

These punch needles adhere to all the standards set by our regular Oxford Punch Needles

  • Made in the USA
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort and speed
  • Electro polished stainless steel needle
  • For use with yarn, cut stripes of wool and other fabrics
  • Designed by Punch Needle Expert Amy Oxford

Money Back Guarantee

Sorry, but due to the limited number, we will not be able to replace them but as always, we will honor our money back guarantee!

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