Punch Needle Complete Kit - Wiggle Room

$ 229.00

We called this collection of designs “Wiggle Room” because we wanted you to have freedom and flexibility within the structure of a kit. Follow the colors we've used or take our palette and put colors wherever you like - let your imagination and creativity go wild! Choose your favorite of the three patterns, punch that, and you'll still have enough yarn left over to make the bonus scrappy pattern (click on additional photo at left). Our paper patterns are easy to trace on a window or light table. Great for all skill levels including beginners! Let our YouTube Tutorials guide you all the way from tracing your pattern to the final hemming!

The patterns are 8" x 8" and make wonderful wall hangings, table top decorations, or can be turned into pillows. The kit is designed to be used with a #10 regular Oxford Punch Needle.

The Complete Punch Needle Kit is available with your choice of either

  • 1 10" Oxford Gripper Strip Lap Frame with Flannel Frame Cover OR
  • 1 14" Morgan No-Slip Hoop

and includes all of the following:

  • 1 #10 Regular Oxford Punch Needle with Handbook and Stitch Gauge
  • 10 Balls of 100 % wool rug yarn (enough to complete one pattern and then some!)
  • 2 Pieces of serged 15"x15" monk's cloth if you choose the gripper frame kit
  • 2 Pieces of serged 24"x24" monk's cloth if you choose the hoop kit
  • 3 Traceable 8"x8" patterns on paper (One each of the Stained Glass, Paisley, and Bubbles patterns shown)
  • 1 Bonus traceable scrappy pattern on paper for your extra yarn (click on additional photo at left)
  • Easy to follow instructions

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